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What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is one of the most common and popular dental procedures, performed to lighten teeth and enhance their appearance by removing discoloration and stains. However, the procedure is lengthy and results are not seen in just a single sitting.

Why do teeth need whitening when they are naturally white? What causes them to stain?

  • Children’s teeth are pearly white whereas adult teeth are ivory in color. This color is visible due to the light reflecting off of teeth enamel. The thicker and smoother the enamel, the brighter will be our teeth. This, however, is based on genetics.


  • The food we eat also happens to settle in layers on our tooth enamel. There is a new layer everyday. This layer is called pellicle. This causes teeth to appear yellow.


  • Furthermore, tooth enamel, even though smooth, is porous. It can retain staining materials. People who consume coffee, tea, chew pan and other staining materials, can have discolored teeth.


  • Smoking can not only damage the lungs but it also turns teeth yellow and brown.


  • Poor oral hygiene – not brushing and flossing regularly – can lead to staining of teeth.


  • Aging can also ruin teeth. One reason can be that with use, teeth become hackneyed. The other reason can be on molecular basis, as dentin (the tooth protein) darkens with age and hence shows off a duller color when seen through slightly translucent enamel.


  • Those children who drink hard water during growing years can have stained teeth. Water from wells and other natural sources have a high fluoride content (the mineral present in toothpaste). Fluoride makes teeth stronger in a miniscule quantity but when it is in excess, it causes mottling of tooth enamel.


  • Tetracycline is a drug that is known to cause yellowish staining of teeth. This drug is an antibiotic. It is not given to children due to its adverse effect in them. It is also not given to pregnant mothers as the child can have stained teeth after birth.

Can teeth whitening be done at home by yourself or by a dentist?

Teeth whitening should be done at the best teeth dentist’s clinic by the professional dentist.

What is the procedure of getting teeth whitened at the dentist?

  • Whitening your teeth at the dentist requires first a history of the cause of the staining. The dentist will ask you about your eating patterns, if you smoke, drink, chew pan, et cetera.


  • The dentist will take a photograph of your teeth so they can keep monitoring the progress.


  • The dentist resumes by checking for any structural defects. The dentist will check for cavities, receded gums and decayed teeth. Since these conditions can make teeth become sensitive, the dentist might not recommend teeth whitening. Call us professional teeth whitening dentist at Bello Dental


  • If you have any crowns, veneers or fillers, whitening will not be effective.


  • The dentist will apply a protective gel to cover and seal the gums. Then, a whitening agent will be applied to the teeth. This substance usually contains hydrogen peroxide. After about 30-90 minutes, the dentist will take the substance off to reveal brighter teeth.


  • In addition, the dentist can also incorporate use of a special light or laser to activate the whitening or bleaching agent. This speeds up the process.


  • If the discoloration is due to root canal treatment, then the cause of discoloration is internal. The dentist will, in this case, pour the bleaching agent inside and leave it for a few days by putting a temporary filling over it. This can be a one-time procedure or may require several follow-ups.

Dentists are offering a special promotion to new patients where teeth whitening is free of cost, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your teeth whitened without having to pay a single penny!

By taking advantage of this incredible offer, you can get your teeth whitened without having to pay a single penny, giving you the chance to experience the benefits of whitening teeth and enjoy a brighter, more confident smile.

Dental whitening is a simple and effective way to improve the appearance of your teeth, providing you with a brighter, more confident smile; it works by removing surface stains and discoloration from your teeth, giving you a more youthful and vibrant look that will last for years to come.

The best teeth whitening option available is one that will not only provide you with a dramatic whitening effect, but also help to reduce any existing staining or discoloration from your teeth, giving you a more youthful and vibrant look that will last for years to come – making it the best teeth whitening choice for anyone looking to improve their smile.

Mouth hygiene is essential for a healthy, white smile, and using a teeth whitening product like this one can help keep your mouth in top condition for years to come, as it works to remove surface stains and discoloration, while also helping to prevent future staining and discoloration, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile that will last for years to come.

Whitening treatments such as professional teeth whitening, laser whitening, and at-home whitening kits are effective solutions to help remove surface stains and discoloration, and can help prevent future staining and discoloration, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile that will last for years to come.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your teeth, it is important to consult with a professional dentist to discuss the best whitening options for you, as well as the potential risks and benefits of each option, during a consultation.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the best whitening options for you, as it is a safe, fast, and effective way to improve the color of your teeth; however, it is important to discuss the potential risks and benefits of this option with your dentist during a consultation, as it may not be suitable for everyone.

Visiting the dentist for regular check-ups is an important part of maintaining good oral health, and opting for a dental plan that covers preventive visits can be a great way to ensure that you are able to keep up with your regular dental appointments and receive the necessary treatments and preventive care to keep your teeth and gums healthy; however, it is important to discuss the costs, coverage, limitations, and benefits of this option with your dentist during a consultation, as it may not be suitable for

Smiles can be a great way to boost your confidence and self-esteem, and with the right dental treatment option, you can be sure to have a lasting, healthy smile that will last for years to come; discussing the risks, limitations, and benefits of this option with your dentist during a consultation can help you make an informed decision that will leave you with a beautiful, confident smile that will make you smile with joy.

If you have any questions regarding cosmetic dentistry, please check this link. Wonder how much we charge for teeth whitening cost? It’s free of cost!

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Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez
00:58 14 Oct 22
Hands down the most thoughtful, hard-working, and kind dental office I have ever had the privilege of visiting. Dr.... Chean and her team took time out of their day to take care of me while I was experiencing a dental emergency. I am very grateful for the entire staff, as I was able to walk away the same evening feeling more confident than ever with my smile. Having undergone some negative experiences with other dental offices I was extremely surprised at the care and attention I received at Bello Dental. I will be coming here for years to come and cannot recommend them enough to ANYONE who is searching for a dentist who will truly go the extra mile to help you smile your best smile.read more
Joseluis Alejandro Medina
Joseluis Alejandro Medina
02:08 05 May 22
1million times out of 10 Bello Dental is the BEST in SGV hands down. Amazing, friendly, and very knowledgeable staff.... Like they know their stuff and can answer any question about concerns and how percidure works, Breaks it down step by step so you won't feel uncomfortable and unsure bout your dental treatment.... very clean as soon as you enter even when going through dental treatment , and señor Kang is chill as heck you won't feel awkward when you're going thro your dental procedure. Over all best dental experience @ Bello Dental. Come see for yourself.read more
nicki james
nicki james
05:17 26 Mar 22
I wish I could give them 1,000 stars!!! I had a tooth that was problematic. My primary dentist was no help and she... could never get me numb. Fast forward to today my tooth pain was sending me out of my body.. I called a few hours before they were going to close to see if I could walk in on an emergency basis for a tooth extraction and they said to come in. The environment was welcoming when I arrived and when I got called in the Dr and his assistant made every step of the way beyond comfortable. In the past I had problems getting numb and just horrible experiences with dentist. This was the first time I ever had a positive experience at a dental office. I am so happy and I think have found my new dental home. This place makes you excited to come back lol Thank you all so so much 🤗🤗read more
Noemi Benitez
Noemi Benitez
00:43 12 Jan 22
I have never been so comfortable at the dentist before! As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a friendly face and... automatically felt like home!!! The service, staff, prices and overall dental office environment was amazing. I got my wisdom teeth removed (emergency same day appointment) and went back to get my teeth in shape. Overall I am so satisfied with my experience at Bello Dental, I appreciate everything they have done to make my mouth healthy again!read more
Chef Nery
Chef Nery
19:26 19 May 20
This is the best dental facility in Los Angeles the customer service is awesome and the place looks very modern. I had... a root canal 🦷 and it was virtually painless! The soft hands and relaxation techniques helped tremendously! I highly recommend this facility if your looking for a professional and calming experienceread more
Eileen Campos
Eileen Campos
20:05 22 Feb 20
Dr. Kang, Yesenia, and the entire team at Bello Dental are exceptional. Their work is top notch and they truly are all... about patient care. The office is very modern, up to date, and very clean. Everyone here is very friendly. I have never said this before, but I cannot wait for my next visit to the dentist.read more
Jazmin Delgado
Jazmin Delgado
22:48 06 Jan 20
Very professional and kind service. When I called in about the amount of pain I was i over my root canal, they took me... in without an appointment. He saw me right away as soon as he could and was very cautious with my tooth. He presented options for me that I could afford and helped me with my tooth pain. I left there happy with the advice and service I was given and I am strongly considering going back for any of my other dental problems.read more
John Castañeda
John Castañeda
23:48 04 Jan 20
This place was great! Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I felt like I was in good care through the process. This... will be mine and my families new dental office! Good prices, great work and very professional!read more
Grace Lee
Grace Lee
02:07 28 Dec 19
I visited Bello Dental for whitening and wisdom tooth consultation. From start to finish, Dr. Kang and his staff were... nothing but professional, friendly, and gentle. I had my teeth whitened and the entire procedure was quick and painless, with no sensitivity during or after. Everyone checked in on me frequently throughout the procedure, which I appreciated as someone who was having teeth whitened for the first time. Dr. Kang was thorough and attentive, and honest with his consultation for my wisdom tooth removal. The facilities are all new and spotless and everyone I interacted with was so friendly and efficient in everything they did. I would high recommend Bello Dental for great dental care and/or whitening!read more
Lul Lo
Lul Lo
17:58 23 Dec 19
FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT they say!!!!! and by all means Calling BELLO DENTAL was nothing but EXCELLENT Customer service... the staff is friendly and professional one on one care DR. KANG thank you. If you need DENTAL care BELLO DENTAL is the place to go.read more
03:38 19 Dec 19
Was referred to by a friend to come visit this office and I must say I was very impressed. The doctor and his... assistants were professional and immensely thorough. I’ll continue to remain a patient for a long time coming.read more
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