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Dental implants and all about them

An implant is an artificial prosthesis which is installed in the body wherever the function of the body is impaired. A dental implant is one such prosthesis which helps restore the functionality of your oral cavity by aiding in speech and mastication besides, simultaneously improving the overall aesthetics of your face and oral cavity. Talk to your dentist at Bello Dental to discuss this treatment option if you want to get your missing teeth replaced or your loose denture fitted.

dental implant structure

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant, in general terms, is a dental prosthesis that has three parts- a screw, an abutment and a crown. The screw part is predominantly made up of metal, generally titanium, and it is drilled into the jaw bone such that it acts as the substitute for the root of the missing tooth. The crown part looks just like the crown of the adjacent natural teeth and is the topmost part of the implant. The abutment can also be called as the neck of the implant, the primary purpose of which is to connect the crown to the screw.

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Dental implants

What is the procedure for placement of dental implant?

Placement of a dental implant is a surgical procedure and hence requires anesthesia administration. Also, radiographs will be taken to determine your jaw bone health to determine whether it can accept the implant. The down time is very minimal and the healing is relatively quick. Once the implant is integrated with the bone, the abutment will be screwed on top of the implant. The abutment will be then used to hold the implant crown. Thewhole  process can take from 3 months to 1 year depending on the type of bone, healing, etc.


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On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled.

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Eileen Campos
Eileen Campos
20:05 22 Feb 20
Dr. Kang, Yesenia, and the entire team at Bello Dental are exceptional. Their work is top notch and they truly are all... about patient care. The office is very modern, up to date, and very clean. Everyone here is very friendly. I have never said this before, but I cannot wait for my next visit to the more
Jazmin Delgado
Jazmin Delgado
22:48 06 Jan 20
Very professional and kind service. When I called in about the amount of pain I was i over my root canal, they took me... in without an appointment. He saw me right away as soon as he could and was very cautious with my tooth. He presented options for me that I could afford and helped me with my tooth pain. I left there happy with the advice and service I was given and I am strongly considering going back for any of my other dental more
John Castañeda
John Castañeda
23:48 04 Jan 20
This place was great! Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I felt like I was in good care through the process. This... will be mine and my families new dental office! Good prices, great work and very professional!read more
Grace Lee
Grace Lee
02:07 28 Dec 19
I visited Bello Dental for whitening and wisdom tooth consultation. From start to finish, Dr. Kang and his staff were... nothing but professional, friendly, and gentle. I had my teeth whitened and the entire procedure was quick and painless, with no sensitivity during or after. Everyone checked in on me frequently throughout the procedure, which I appreciated as someone who was having teeth whitened for the first time. Dr. Kang was thorough and attentive, and honest with his consultation for my wisdom tooth removal. The facilities are all new and spotless and everyone I interacted with was so friendly and efficient in everything they did. I would high recommend Bello Dental for great dental care and/or whitening!read more
Lul Lo
Lul Lo
17:58 23 Dec 19
FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT they say!!!!! and by all means Calling BELLO DENTAL was nothing but EXCELLENT Customer service... the staff is friendly and professional one on one care DR. KANG thank you. If you need DENTAL care BELLO DENTAL is the place to more
03:38 19 Dec 19
Was referred to by a friend to come visit this office and I must say I was very impressed. The doctor and his... assistants were professional and immensely thorough. I’ll continue to remain a patient for a long time more
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