Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe Museum

Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe Museum

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Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe is the oldest structure in Montebello, dating back to 1845. And San Gabriel Blvd. Located on the hills of North Montebello in a quiet residential area, the adobe remains a hidden gem in Monte Carlo history.

In 1844, for the first time, Rancho La Merced was bought by William Worman in 1851, who eventually gave ownership to his son-in-law Francisco Temple and Juan Matias Sanchez. In 1851, Juan Matthias Sanchez lived in Adobe and remained there until he died in 1885. Sanchez’s family lived in this building until 1911. In 1915, W.B. Scott bought 45 acres of land with Adobe. After Scott’s death, the estate was delivered to his wife, Luna, and subsequent children Josephine Crocker and William Keith Scott. In 1972, the Scott family kept Adobe as a landmark of local history in Monte Bello. Adobe Museum is an important and important part of Montbello’s history and has a wealth of resources.

The museum includes 20th century collections that include items from the Sanchez family, relics from the 19th century, as well as local souvenirs from education to sports and architecture, and many areas of regional interest are on display. The newly-found Zhang Nanyi Museum is a broad reflection of the diversity of this vibrant community with 20th century Montbello rooms.

Driving direction to montebello dental. Head southeast toward N 10th St, Turn left onto N 10th St, Turn right onto W Beverly Blvd, Turn left after Starbucks, Turn right onto W Avenida De La Merced (on the left), Turn left onto W Adobe Ave.

Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe Museum
946 N Adobe Ave, Montebello, CA 90640